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Mortality among patients due to adverse drug reactions that occur following hospitalisation: a meta-analysis. Objective: Aim of this study is to describe medication errors and identify causes of medication errors in по ссылке and adolescents spontaneously reported to HALMED, in order to propose and implement appropriate risk minimisation measures. Expanding this terminology using a word embedding model improved the PPV to 0. Robust forecasting with exponential and Holt—Winters smoothing. The directorate must evaluate the bids again. Person names—one of the more common identifiers in case narratives—can lead to in- direct identification of patients but are challenging to windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases in free text. The majority of the respondents agreed that SLAs can make someone white❿

Windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases


There are very many reports of spreadsheet related errors and they seem to appear in the global media at a fairly consistent rate. These stories illustrate common problems that occur with the uncontrolled use of spreadsheets. In many cases, we identify the area of risk involved and then say how we think the problem might have been avoided. Excel: Why using Microsoft\’s tool caused Covid results to be lost \”The badly thought-out use of Microsoft\’s Excel software was the reason nearly 16, coronavirus cases went unreported in England.

Windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases had set up an automatic process to pull this data together into Excel templates so смотрите подробнее it could then be uploaded to a central system. As a consequence, each template could handle only about 65, rows of data rather than the one million-plus rows that Excel is actually capable of. And since each test result created several rows of data, in practice it meant that each template was limited to about 1, cases.

When that total was reached, further cases were simply left off. To handle the problem, PHE is now breaking down the test result data into smaller batches to create a larger number of Excel templates. Nonetheless, whatever technology they used, anywhere data is exchanged between systems there must be checks and controls that reconcile the output windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases a transformation stage to its input, such as record counts and hash totals.

Even if the upload process would only accept XLS files, batch total controls could have been imposed there too. The bioinformatics community decided it was easier to change gene symbols than changing peoples\’ habits. An NHS Lothian-commissioned review found a \”human error\” in a spreadsheet with the specifications for air flow in critical care rooms. The National Treasury Management Agency explained that the agency purchased a fund in dollars, but it was not designated or marked on the spreadsheet record as such.

It was recorded as a euro fund. The retirement fund had initially referred the matter to the adjudicator, which ruled that the actuary alone was responsible for R40m in overpayments made to exiting members of the fund. The overpayments, made over a number of years, stemmed from a \”hard-coding error\” in the spreadsheet system the actuary had been using. The adjudicator ruled that the error constituted maladministration on windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases part of the actuary, who should pay damages.

The screw up посетить страницу источник caused by the district using cumulative mileage totals rather than running calculations on a sample average for vehicles, which windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases in the district significantly over reporting total mileage data, causing the subsidy overpayments.

The audit found the errors were due to a clerical error on the spreadsheet the district was using. In some cases, DePasquale said, the spreadsheet was double counting total days for some of the activity runs. Released in April amid discussions in the state Legislature to legalize the drug in New York, the analysis erroneously indicated that black residents in Schenectady were 74 times more likely to be arrested for a marijuana-related offense than white people, despite making up just 12 percent of the population.

The error, which placed Schenectady atop a list of 10 counties with the worst racial gaps in cannabis arrests, was a result of a \”misaligned spreadsheet\” which improperly merged Saratoga County U.

Census data with Schenectady arrest windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases from the state Division of Criminal Justice Services, researchers said.

The numbers, while accurate, were imported incorrectly due to a spelling discrepancy. Canopy\’s stock fell 3. The original fine had been R2. At that point, I was beyond furious.

We have gone out in the media to say it was R2. I was quite pleased to hear Mr Marsden Optimum business нажмите чтобы прочитать больше practitioner estimated it to be around Rm. The county says recently approved salary increases were \”inadvertently omitted in the calculations. This can be observed from the table below:\”. Karpal, however, knew that it was not a computer glitch but vote rigging. Global aerospace firm Boeing earlier this month sent a notification to Windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, as required by law, about a company employee who windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases emailed a spreadsheet full of employee personal data to his spouse in November, The spreadsheet, sent to provide the employee\’s spouse with a formatting template, contained the personal information of roughly 36, other Boeing employees, including Social Security numbers and dates of birth, in hidden columns.

Some 7, of the affected employees resided in Washington State. Because of some cutting and pasting, not all the formulas were windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases correctly.

It was an unintended error. The letter published today was sent to the firm earlier this month following an inspection at the manufacturing facility in San Nicolo a Tordino, Teramo in January This spreadsheet showed failing results above the limits you established in your procedure, PCH Visible Particle Determination in use prior to September 1, The Wisconsin Elections Commission announced Tuesday afternoon that a spreadsheet error caused them to incorrectly calculate the total cost of the recount.

Lazard Ltd LAZ. Omade an error in its analysis that discounted the value of the U. They provide their data sources. They wrote scripts to trawl through published papers on genetics which had data files attached, and checked those files for data errors. They screened 35, supplementary Excel files and confirmed gene name errors in supplementary files from published articles in 18 journals. There is a paper about the problem from which also windows 10 pro activated iso torrent the problem with Gene names being turned into dates.

So 12 years after the paper was published people geneticists still have not learned how to solve the problem. The original statement issued at 7am reported group sales had grown 1. But at pm a correction was released showing that group sales had in fact fallen 0. На этой странице WHOLE of each spreadsheet was posted, including the pivot tables containing sensitive personal information about every employee.

These were on line for 10 months before anyone noticed, despite the Commissioner penalising two other trusts for similar disclosures, and blogging to highlight the risks. There are older tables of numbers, windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases as a ruled papyrus from BC, but no mention of errors in that one!

Oil production ссылка на страницу the Посетила microsoft onedrive download pc windows 10 – microsoft onedrive download pc windows 10 могу Berthold Reservation had been grossly overstated as far back as Department spokeswoman Alison Ritter said an internal audit in October discovered an error in a formula used in an Excel spreadsheet to break out production figures for the reservation.

A major accounting error discovered in the city budget has decreased the overall tax rate by more than three per cent. Inanother nine years was added to the pro forma, and Schroeder said the problems with the document happen after that date. In the evening peak hour, the reported percent was actually 62 percent. LGA communications director Chris Russell said Marion paid more because of a flaw in the spreadsheet, created 10 years ago to calculate fees.

He said the LGA hired a consultant, who he would not name, to build the spreadsheet. The criminal charges are the same. The merger agreement, reflecting that number, was announced Sept.

Quote from story: \”Kansas Gov. Budget Director Steve Anderson said in a statement that the mistake occurred in entering data on an internal administration spreadsheet. Convicted Novembersentenced to 7 years in prison — called largest fraud. Not clear if it was a real error, as this seems to have been a budget item based on an estimate. Was politically important enough to cause two resignations, and an investigation — looks like a formula was pointing to a wrong cell for making an estimate of number of students in the future.

Quote \”Shumway said the error was the result of a mathematical formula in an Excel windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases referencing the wrong cell to calculate the state\’s weighted pupil units. That inaccurate figure was then used for a per-pupil funding estimate that resulted in public education being underfunded by the Utah Legislature Specifically, after subtracting the old rate from the new rate, the spreadsheet divided by their sum instead of their average, as the modeler had intended.

Lisa Pollack comments \”On a number of occasions, he asked the trader to whom he reported for additional resources to support his work on the VaR model, but he did not receive any.

Also it appears that he had to? Second, they use a debatable method to weight the countries. Http://, there also appears to be a coding error that excludes high-debt and average-growth countries.

All three bias in favor of their result, and without them you don\’t get their controversial result. When you fix the Excel error, a See the article for a picture of the error. L was forced to reiterate its and mid-term financial должно download windows 10 full crack bagas просто on Monday after inadvertently releasing confidential company information to analysts. The Anglo-Swedish firm, …. AstraZeneca ….

The London organising committee Locog confirmed on Wednesday that a decidedly unsynchronised error in its ticketing process had led to four synchronised swimming sessions being oversold by 10, tickets. Locog and its ticket agent Ticketmaster spent the Christmas period contacting ticket holders and offering them alternatives, starting with tickets for sports they had applied for but been unsuccessful.

The error was discovered when Locog reconciled the number of tickets sold against the final layouts and seating configurations for venues, and began contacting ticket holders before Christmas.

The review was required after the board received a letter from its financial advisory firm, Ehelers of Brookfield. Ehlers advisor James Mann said \”operator error\” resulted in a spreadsheet underestimating the total cost of the year bond. Prospective History students were late windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases being told whether they had interviews this year, after the History Aptitude Test examiners mixed up marks and candidate numbers.

KPMG officials also said the Trustee\’s Office took too long — four weeks — to compile information that makes up the office\’s portion of the county\’s financial statements and that it \”was significantly out of balance.

Then he said it was human error and a \”simple mistake. He said the reports his office sent to KPMG didn\’t include one account, which threw off his department\’s financial statements. It occurred when one account wasn\’t correctly linked into an Excel spreadsheet.

Twenty-five thousand acres seems like a lot of property for the county tax assessor\’s office to have overlooked last summer. And this wasn\’t just any land.

Fortunately, the oversight was windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases in time and corrected. County Assessor-Recorder Jim Fitch blamed the mistake on a clerical error by an experienced staffer who used the wrong spreadsheet to calculate Occidental Petroleum Corp. Источник статьи a recent audit by the Government Accountability Office, they noted the following: \”As we have reported in prior audits, SEC\’s general ledger system and certain software applications and configurations are not designed to provide the accurate, complete, and timely transaction-level data needed to accumulate and readily report reliable financial information.

Instead, the initiation and recording of significant transactions is accomplished through the use of spreadsheets, databases, manual workarounds, and data handling that rely windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases significant analysis, reconciliation, and review to calculate amounts for the general ledger posting of transactions. Although the EPA still lists the company as a high-priority violator, there never was a physical violation and the entire episode was sparked by a math error, said Steve Regis, vice president of engineering for CalPortland, Arizona Portland\’s parent company.

We are in compliance. We were always in compliance,\” Regis said.


Windows 10 1703 download iso italy covid cases


Consensus clustering for case series identification and adverse event profiles in pharmacovigilance. Artif Intell Med. Introduction: Data from ongoing open-label clinical studies are assessed for safety signals on a set cadence, complying with regulatory requirements. One challenge is the need to contextualize safety when individual subjects have different exposure times rolling enrollment.

Such issues resolve at the end of the study. However, during the study, visualizations add considerable value to the multidisciplinary discussion of incoming safety data. The tool produces a column x-axis for each subject with a height y-axis corresponding to exposed time. Subjects are grouped by exposure in open-label or completed studies , and AEs are displayed relative to start of exposure by symbols on each subject-column.

The entire population can be displayed, or the display can be limited to the patients with the event s of interest. This allows viewing of AEs in the context of total study population number of columns and total exposed time area of the graph as a whole , or to narrow the focus to affected patients. Although the tool is capable of calculating AE incidence rates, its real value for the assessment of ongoing studies lies in the ability to display events and patient time in an adaptive and intuitive way that allows for meaningful discussion of safety data.

Conclusion: Interactive data visualizations can enhance internal risk communication and clinical decision-making during ongoing clinical trials. Introduction: In , European pregnancy prevention program for oral retinoids, i. Objective: To measure the impact of the RMMs on utilization patterns of oral retinoids, alternative medications, contraceptives, and on rates of pregnancies occurring concurrently with retinoid prescriptions.

Common analysis scripts were implemented by study sites. An interrupted time series analysis was performed to assess immediate changes after the implementation level change and over time trend change. Results: The study population comprised 11,, females of childbearing age 12—55 years , 88, persons used an oral retinoid at any point during the study period.

Monthly incidence and prevalence rates showed that retinoid prescriptions have a strong seasonal pattern with peaks of use in winter months.

The low level of recording of pregnancy tests did not allow for trend analysis. Pregnancy rates varied between 0. Conclusion: Based on the findings, there is very limited measurable impact of the RMMs among females of childbearing age in the included databases.

Moreover, pregnancies still happen during oral retinoid treatment after the implementation. Updated measures for pregnancy prevention during retinoid use.

Compliance with pregnancy prevention programmes of isotretinoin in Europe: a systematic review. Br J Dermatol. Isotretinoin exposure during pregnancy: a population-based study in the Netherlands. BMJ Open ;4:e Clin Pharmacol Ther. Introduction: During the recent covid vaccination campaign, the number of ICSRs reported by patients and professionals has dramatically increased, reaching up to almost 1 M declarations only in Europe EMA numbers.

Before the covid pandemic, this system was successful in detecting ADRs from the patient reports declared through the French web national reporting system 1, 2. However, how it behaves in conditions of higher reporting flow rate is unknown at present.

The encoding of regional pharmacovigilance centers was employed as the reference ground truth to train the algorithm in a supervised manner. Moreover, a panel of three pharmacologists, with significant experience in ADRs encoding, was set-up to perform a case-by-case analysis of hundreds reports for which the algorithm provided improper encoding. Results: Overall, Of this, Because the percentage of newly reported ADRs increased over time and was higher for vaccine than not-vaccine related reports, we split the training and validation sets in batches with similar ADRs distribution.

Performance evaluation is currently under process. Initial feedbacks from the analysis performed by the experts are showing an uneven distribution of false positive and false negative across samples.

Results from the other experts are needed to confirm this finding. Conclusion: The core findings of this study will be gathered in the forthcoming weeks and be ready for the ISoP meeting in September. This work will provide new insights about the effectiveness of deploying AI as a support to treat real world data in a context of sanitary crisis.

Validation of an artificial intelligence pipeline to support the automatic coding of patient adverse drug reaction reports, using nationwide pharmacovigilance data.

Drug Safety. Introduction: The analysis of spontaneous reporting systems aims to identify potential adverse drug reactions in a timely and cost-effective manner. For their apparent simplicity, disproportionality analyses assessing the disproportionate presence of single drug-adverse event associations in spontaneous reports are rapidly expanding as a source of safety evidence complementary to clinical trials. However, the world and spontaneous reports is more complex than that: events occur in syndromes, drugs are taken in polytherapy, and patients are mosaics of multiple comorbidities.

Network science is one of the most promising approaches to tackle such complexity. Objective: To investigate the applications and promises of network science to spontaneous reporting data. Methods: We identified four key examples to highlight the potentiality of network approaches to pharmacosurveillance: multiple drug intake in suicidal attempts, iatrogenic syndromes i. Entities e. We used co-reporting frequencies to describe cooccurrence patterns for example, polytherapy and iatrogenic syndromes.

We used marginal and partial correlations to investigate the associations between entities and their direction: for example, to identify biases and secondary adverse events. We used multilevel algorithms to identify clusters of interest, and network measures to identify trends of co-reporting. Results: The multiple drug intake network showed paracetamol at the center, as a drug of choice both alone and in combinations, and common combinations separated by therapeutic area, plausibly because of availability The Covid adversome identified a cluster of drug-induced hepatic injury and arrhythmia, and a disease-related cluster with Covid infection and respiratory conditions 1.

The immunotherapy adversome identified not only the known overlap syndrome cooccurrence of myocarditis, myasthenia, and myositis , but also another cluster with hepatitis, colitis and thyroiditis. Finally, investigating reactions to oxycodone, we observed that the reporting of crime and psychosocial reactions was secondary to the reporting of drug dependence. Conclusion: Networks allow to visualize and compare individual relations, identify clusters, and gather insights into the direction of correlation e.

Networks can complement traditional descriptive and disproportionality analyses characterizing the complexity of spontaneous reporting data. Frontiers in Pharmacology. Introduction: The spontaneous reporting system SRS has proven to be a cornerstone in the early and cost-effective detection of adverse drug reactions ADRs []. Electronic Health Records EHRs are relatively untapped sources of real-world information that can be used in order to facilitate signal detection in pharmacovigilance PV.

However, utilizing the EHR for PV involves a number of critical challenges including the efficient extraction of valuable pieces of information from unstructured bulk of free-text. Objective: To explore whether targeted searches in structured and unstructured fields in EHRs can be used as a method to detect possible cases in addition to spontaneous reports to strenghten a potential safety signal.

Suspected ADRs refer to potential signals based on the analysis of spontaneous reports with insufficient evidence insight into a possible relationship between the ADR and the drug. Per potential signal, a search with a validated text-mining software tool Ctcue was performed via combined queries on both structured and unstructured data [4]. In order to perform the process of case detection systematically, a step-by step search plan was developed and applied to each signal based on:.

Results: The search retrieved 27 cases with flucloxacillin induced hypokalemia. After five confirmed cases via manual validation, no further validation was performed for the established ADRs. For each suspected ADR potential signal , one validated case was detected. Conclusion: A targeted search on structured and unstructured fields in EHRs using text-mining can be used as a method to detect additional cases next to spontaneous reports for a potential safety signal.

It is recommend to implement this as a complementary method in the current pharmacovigilance system. Evaluation of FDA safety-related drug label changes in Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf ;22 3 — A description of signals during the first 18 months of the EMA pharmacovigilance risk assessment committee. Drug Saf ;37 12 — Raine J. Risk management: a European Regulatory view. Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, 3 , — Research has proven that when patients are admitted to hospital, there are often changes to medication regimens 2, 3.

Further research is necessary to establish if pharmacists\’ interventions on ensuring safety during patients\’ healthcare journey from hospital admission to discharge, differs between MDS using patients and non-MDS using patients. Objective: The aim of this study was to analyse hospital pharmacists\’ interventions for patients\’ healthcare journeys for MDS using and non-MDS using patients. The study took place over four months from 1st July to 31st October There were initially admission episodes included in the study, and for each adult patient their healthcare journey from hospital admission to discharge was analysed for interventions and workforce input.

Interventions were ranked using the validated Eadon Scale 4. Results: A total of patients\’ healthcare journeys were analysed. Patients whom did not have complete healthcare journeys from hospital admission to discharge were excluded. These patients had either died, had been transferred to another hospital, or were still inpatients when the study ended.

There were Of the total MDS using patient journeys, Of the total non-MDS using patient journeys, Conclusion: This study has identified that the use of MDS increase the burden to pharmacist workforce input.

It is evident from the findings, that interventions may be needed for the majority of MDS using patients. It has highlighted that more significant interventions, Eadon Scale 5, are more prevalent for MDS using patients in comparison to non-MDS using patients. Relationship of in-hospital medication modifications of elderly patients to postdischarge medications, adherence, and mortality.

Ann Pharmacother. Drug changes at the interface between primary and secondary care. Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther. Eadon H. Assessing the quality of ward pharmacists\’ intervention. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice. Validation of a hospital clinical pharmacy workforce calculator: a methodology for pharmacy? International Journal of Clinical Practice. Introduction: Hypertension is a serious disease that occurs when blood pressure is persistently elevated over time 1.

During the COVID vaccination campaign, several reports of hypertension occurred in plausible temporal relationship with immunization have been reported. Data have been extract on May 8th, All other reports have been defined as non-cases.

All reports in which the suspected causative agent was a COVID vaccine were used as index reports and all other reports as reference. A meta-analysis of observational studies that includes , individuals reported 13, events of blood pressure abnormal or increased 2. These events have been often described as short periods of hypertensive response and often observed in patients with risk factors. Conclusion: Our results confirmed a signal of risk of events of elevated blood pressure following immunization with COVID vaccines.

However, there is no evidence that these episodes could result in serious complication typically associated with hypertension, such as stroke, aneurysms, heart failure, myocardial infarction and chronic kidney disease. Introduction: Intravitreal drugs such as bevacizumab, ranibizumab, and aflibercept are widely used to treat a wide range of retinal diseases. Several studies suggest that repeated injections of these drugs may lead to a sustained rising of intraocular pressure increasing risk for glaucoma.

To date, a comparative safety study of these three drugs with respect to the incidence of glaucoma diagnosis has not been done. Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate the risk of glaucoma diagnosis compared among new users of bevacizumab, ranibizumab, and aflibercept in Tuscany. Methods: A retrospective cohort study using the Tuscan regional administrative database was conducted.

Subjects with a first intravitreal injection index date between January —June were identified and followed to the first occurrence of glaucoma diagnosis.

Patients with less than a five-year look-back period, those with less than one year of follow-up, and those with previous use of intravitreal dexamethasone, diagnosis of diabetes or glaucoma were excluded.

We also excluded patients for whom we could not track the first injection to bevacizumab, ranibizumab or aflibercept. Glaucoma diagnosis was identified from exemptions, diagnosis in hospital discharge records or drug dispensations. An intention-to-treat analysis was conducted to analyze risk of glaucoma diagnosis between the three drugs. A Cox model was constructed to compute hazard ratios adjusting for age, sex comorbidities, corticosteroid use and binocularity.

The risk of incident glaucoma diagnosis compared to aflibercept was significantly higher among non-anticoagulant users who had received ranibizumab HR 2. Among anticoagulant users no statistically significant difference was observed.

Moreover, we found an increase in the risk of glaucoma with ranibizumab and bevacizumab compared to aflibercept among non-anticoagulant users.

A time dependent exposure analysis is ongoing to confirm these results. Introduction: A method of time-to-onset TTO signal detection for screening unexpected temporal patterns from vaccine spontaneous report data has been published in [1]. Due to the large number of spontaneous reports associated to covid vaccines, highly significant TTO signals could be detected whereas there are no clinically relevant unexpected temporal patterns.

Methods: The revised method used only the most predictive measure [3] of the two Kolmogorov-Smirnov KS tests originally designed: the p-value of the KS test of the TTO distribution of a given event post a given vaccine against the TTO distribution of the same event post other vaccines. A threshold on the Kolmogorov-Smirnov distance, that can have values between 0 and for no difference between time-to-onset distributions and 1 for extreme differences—was set at 0.

A threshold on the p-value of the KS test was set at 0. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System was prospectively frozen every week of the first quarter and the revised TTO signal detection method was prospectively applied on the two covid vaccines. The performance in detecting events that were posteriori determined as causally related to the exposure of the covid vaccines, namely Pericarditis and Myocarditis, was retrospectively assessed.

Conclusion: The revised TTO method allowed early detection of unexpected TTO patterns post exposure to covid vaccines by controlling both the level of significance and the magnitude of difference between the TTO distributions in a context of mass vaccination where individual case review is challenging.

Van Holle L et al. Using time-to-onset for detecting safety signals in spontaneous reports of adverse events following immunization: a proof-of-concept study, PDS 21 6 , — Use of logistic regression to combine two causality criteria for signal detection in vaccine spontaneous report data, Drug Safety 37 12 , — With the fast-tracked development and concurrent introduction of vaccines in all countries, there is a need for equitable safety surveillance to monitor adverse events following immunization AEFIs in high-income and low- and middle-income countries LMICs.

Reports from females made up The highest number of reports came from persons 18—44 years. Sputnik V contributed the highest percentage of AEs per vaccine for Africa. Headache, pyrexia, injection site pain, dizziness, and chills were the top 5 reported AEs for Africa and RoW. Qualitative findings revealed decisions of many funding organizations to fund safety surveillance in LMICs were influenced by considerations about country priorities, the perceived utility of the evidence generated for local decision making, and the contributions to global health by safety surveillance systems.

Funding decisions by donor organizations were influenced by country priorities and the perceived value added by data generated from safety surveillance systems in LMICs to local and global decision making. Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker. The New York Times [Internet]. Introduction: Therapeutic advances have reduced morbidity and mortality, but have led to an increase in adverse drug events ADE. This is a case-control type study, with the original information from the administrative data from the hospital information system of the public health system in Brazil-SIH-SUS, in the period from to After applying the exclusion criteria, , hospital admissions associated with at least one ADE were included in the study.

The proportion of patients with ADE in hospitalizations was 0. Drug poisoning and drug abuse are the adverse event classes most associated with increased risk of death. This study, confirm that the SIH-SUS is a robust source of data for the field of pharmacovigilance, enabling the identification of risk factors for death and facilitating the monitoring of ADEs in the hospital environment.

Mortality among patients due to adverse drug reactions that occur following hospitalisation: a meta-analysis. Prospective identification versus administrative coding of adverse drug reaction-related hospitalizations in the elderly: A comparative analysis. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf. Evaluating adverse drug event reporting in administrative data from emergency departments: a validation study. Stausberg J, Hasford J.

Drug-related admissions and hospital-acquired adverse drug events in Germany: a longitudinal analysis from to of ICDcoded routine data. Introduction: Transplant recipients are chronically ill patients, who require lifelong drug therapies to prevent reject and graft loss.

To date, there is no consensus on the optimal immunosuppressive strategy []. Objective: The aim of the study was to assess the effectiveness and safety of maintenance immunosuppressive drug therapies in kidney transplant. Methods: A retrospective multicentre observational study, involving 4 Italian regions, was conducted based on the national transplant Information system and regional healthcare claims data. Specifically, the regional analytical datasets regarding incident patients underwent to kidney transplant in the years —19 were created using an open-source tool for distributed analysis.

Results: Overall, 3, kidney recipients were considered, of which During a median follow-up period of 4. Among safety outcomes, serious infections had the highest incidence 9. Conclusion: In clinical practice, a significantly better benefit profile has been demonstrated for kidney recipients treated with TAC compared to CsA.

In particular, the combination of TAC and mTOR appears to be the optimal strategy reducing the incidence of severe infections. Our findings on long term risk-benefit profile of immunosuppressive therapy may be helpful to define the optimal drug therapy in kidney recipients.

Comparison of tacrolimus and cyclosporine for immunosuppression after renal transplantation: An updated systematic review and meta-analysis. Saudi J Kidney Dis Transpl. Target of rapamycin inhibitors TOR-I; sirolimus and everolimus for primary immunosuppression in kidney transplant recipients.

Cochrane Database Syst Rev. Timing of mTORI usage and outcomes in kidney transplant recipients. Int J Med Sci. Published Jan 9. Due to the small sample size of pivotal trials in pediatrics, real-world evidence on the safety of those vaccines in the pediatric population is urgently required.

Objective: i To investigate the safety of COVID vaccines by measuring frequencies of solicited and serious adverse events following immunization AEFIs with the first and the second doses of vaccines through active surveillance and, ii to compare the results with the published clinicaltrials in children and adolescents.

Of them, only Overall, Conclusion: This study confirmed safety profile of COVID vaccines in the pediatric population as already documented in the pivotal trials, with a high frequency of local solicited adverse events and an extremely low rate of serious adverse events. Introduction: Advances in the treatment of cancer in young patients have led to great improvements in life expectancy.

However, treatment with chemo or radiotherapy causes reduction of sperm counts often to azoospermic levels that may persist for several years or be permanent. Oligospermia or azoospermia and long-lasting testicular atrophy are common adverse consequences of cancer treatment 1.

Cases of oligospermia and azoospermia were identified using MedDRA v No Dis-Rep was found for any of the 14 AA TKIs: acalabrutinib, axitinib, cabozantinib, dacomitinib, lenvatinib, neratinib, nintedanib, pazopanib, ponatinib, regorafenib, sorafenib, sunitinib, tivozanib and vandetanib. The analysis in VigiBase database yielded similar results. Our results however, should be interpreted with caution as disproportionality analyses are hypothesis generating rather than hypothesis testing.

Meistrich, M. Clinical drug investigation. Bate A, Evans S. Quantitative signal detection using spontaneous ADR reporting. A comparison of measures of disproportionality for signal detection in spontaneous reporting systems for adverse drug reactions. Skin lightening products contain high concentrations of harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone, mercurials, and corticosteroids, and are reported to cause serious complications such as hyperpigmentation, exogenous ochronosis, wound dehiscence, nephropathy, steroid addiction syndrome, predisposition to infections, and other endocrinologic complications.

Despite all these public health risks, they have been used in many countries without regulation and consultation of healthcare professionals 3. Similarly, in Eritrea, there is uncontrolled marketing and use of SLAs even those with banned harmful ingredients. Objective: This study was conducted to assess the perception and utilization of SLAs among females of Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea. Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted in representative samples of all beauty salons available in Asmara between May and July The study participants were selected using two-stage stratified cluster sampling technique.

The data collected through face-to-face interview was entered and analyzed using CSPro 7. Results: The study enrolled females. The majority of the respondents agreed that SLAs can make someone white About two-third Of those who ever used SLAs, About half of the respondents With the use of SLAs, Employed females AOR: 1.

Conclusion: Utilization of SLAs among females was prevalent. They were satisfied with its use despite experiencing adverse effects which urges coordinated efforts in tightening the regulation of cosmetics in general and establishment of cosmetovigilance systems in particular.

Widespread use of toxic skin lightening compounds: medical and psychosocial aspects. Dermatologic Clinics, Afr Health Sci. The global prevalence and correlates of skin bleaching: a meta-analysis and meta-regression analysis. Int J Dermatol. Introduction: Drug therapy in paediatrics is often associated with uncertainties due to lack of data from clinical trials.

Due to this off-label use, missing paediatric dosage forms and complex dose calculations, medication errors ME occur up to three times more frequently compared to adults [3]. Objective: The aim of the study was to investigate the nature, characteristics and preventability of drug-related hospital admissions in paediatrics.

If parents had given consent for data transfer and further analysis, the suspected ADRs resp. MEs were subsequently validated by a blinded, independent expert team [6]. All ADRs and MEs were assessed with regard to their nature, preventability, severity and drug association. Results: Of Consent for further analysis was obtained for 9. Allergic conditions, seizures incl. Treatment noncompliance, accidental exposure to product and dosing problems mainly underdosing were primarily identified as MEs in connection with the use of antiepileptic drugs, insulins and analogues and other beta-lactam-antibacterials.

Conclusion: Drug-related hospital admissions play a significant role in paediatrics. Moreover, almost half of them are considered preventable and therefore result in unnecessary harm and treatment costs. Dosing databases, training, and systematic screening for ADRs and MEs have great potential to increase the safety of drug therapy in children. Kimland, E. Odlind, Off-label drug use in pediatric patients. Clin Pharmacol Ther, Magalhaes, J. Eur J Clin Pharmacol, Kaushal, R.

JAMA, Smyth, R. PLoS One, Gallagher, R. Schulze, C. J Patient Saf, The lack of staff trained in PV is one of the most serious limiting factors affecting the development of PV in resource-constrained settings. Previous experiences suggest that blending learning programmes can be implemented in resource-limited countries to train health care professionals HCP with remarkable gains in terms of knowledge acquisition.

Methods: We developed the blended-courses integrated with a Train of Trainers scheme [1]. Two e-learning courses were made available on a web-based application, together with a manual on how to combine the e-learning courses together with face-to-face interactions.

The blended course were given in Tanzania, Eswatini and Nigeria. Results: In the three countries 95 participants were trained Table 1.

All participants completed the two courses and the mean score of the post-test was significantly greater than on the pre-test Table 1. In the second level, the participants from the first training were training others.

The majority of respondents to questionnaires have been satisfied, declared they felt more involved in PV and reported at least an ADR after the training both in the first and second level.

The trends of reporting increased in the twelve months after the training if compared to the previous twelve months: vs and vs ICSRs were reported to Vigibase for Tanzania and Eswatini National Agency respectively. Conclusion: Our results demonstrated that a blended course can reach an important number of participants and improve their knowledge. It is difficult to establish how much of the increase of reports was attributed to the blended learning training.

Alammary A. Blended learning models for introductory programming courses: a systematic review. Plos one. The views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of EDCTP. Introduction: Considering data from the literature in favor of active educational intervention to teach pharmacovigilance, we describe an innovative model of distance learning clinical reasoning sessions CRS of pharmacovigilance with 3rd year medical French students.

Objective: The three main objectives were to identify the elements necessary for the diagnosis of an adverse drug reaction, report an adverse drug reaction and perform drug causality assessment. Methods: The training was organized in 3 stages.

First, students practiced clinical reasoning CRS by conducting fictive pharmacovigilance telehealth consultations. Second, students wrote a medical letter summarizing the telehealth consultation and analyzing the drug causality assessment. This letter was sent to the teacher for a graded evaluation. In the third stage was a debriefing course with all the students. Results: Of the third-year medical students enrolled in this course, participated in the distance learning CRS. The evaluation received feedback from students, with an average score of 8.

The qualitative evaluation had only positive feedback. The students appreciated the different format of the teaching, with the possibility to be active. Conclusion: Through distance CRS of pharmacovigilance, medical students\’ competences to identify and report adverse drug reactions were tested. The students experienced the pharmacovigilance skills necessary to detect adverse drug reactions in a manner directly relevant to patient care. The overall evaluation of the students is in favor of this type of method.

Methods: This research used a qualitative inductive methodology through thematic analysis. The first step was to identify, through a literature review, current practices for herbal pharmacovigilance.

Based on the findings a semi-structured interview guide was designed, and purposive sampling was used to recruit the interview participants. By using a snowballing technique more potential participants were reached. Most of these recommendations are applicable worldwide, while some are limited to certain regions. Tong, A. Consolidated criteria for reporting qualitative research COREQ : a item checklist for interviews and focus groups.

International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 19 6 , — Introduction: Although medical cannabis MC has been available in Canada since , lack of recognition of MC as a drug has restricted patient access.

The Quebec College of Physicians, between and , authorized MC use only within a research framework. Follow-up ended due to either MC discontinuation, loss to follow-up, 3 years follow-up, or end of data collection May , 6 months after the last patient in.

Data were collected at inclusion and at follow-up visits every 3 months for the first 2 years, then at least once per year in the third year. MC mode of administration ingestion, inhalation, other , and cannabinoid content ratio tetrahydrocannabinol THC -dominant, cannabidiol CBD -dominant, or balanced were documented.

Results: 2, patients were enrolled in the registry mean age Over follow-up, 3. Reports included a total of AEs average 1. The most common PTs were dizziness Conclusion: There were no new safety concerns identified in the Registry, although notable differences in AE profile between modes of administration and cannabinoid content ratios should be considered by health professionals. Further work identifying and managing risk factors for AEs is warranted to maintain a favorable risk-benefit ratio for MC.

Introduction: Dengue is one of top ten global health threats and is a serious burden in the Philippines.

Terry Myerson stated that this move would enable the production of Qualcomm Snapdragon -based Windows devices with cellular connectivity and improved power efficiency over Intel-compatible devices, and still capable of running the majority of existing Windows software unlike the previous Windows RT , which was restricted to Windows Store apps. Microsoft is initially targeting this project towards laptops.

In August , Microsoft began testing changes to its handling of the user interface on convertible devices—downplaying the existing \”Tablet Mode\” option in favor of presenting the normal desktop with optimizations for touch when a keyboard is not present, such as increasing the space between taskbar buttons and displaying the virtual keyboard when text fields are selected.

In April , the ability to run Linux applications using a graphical user interface , such as Audacity , directly in Windows, was introduced as a preview. The basic hardware requirements to install Windows 10 were initially the same as those for Windows 8 and Windows 8. As of the May update, the minimum disk space requirement has been increased to 32 GB. In addition, on new installations, Windows permanently reserves up to 7 GB of disk space in order to ensure proper installation of future feature updates.

The bit variants require a CPU that supports certain instructions. Some pre-built devices may be described as \”certified\” by Microsoft. Unlike Windows 8, OEMs are no longer required to make Secure Boot settings user-configurable, meaning that devices may optionally be locked to run only Microsoft-signed operating systems.

Windows 10 version and later do not support Intel Clover Trail system-on-chips, per Microsoft\’s stated policy of only providing updates for devices during their OEM support period. Starting with Windows 10 version , Microsoft will require new OEM devices to use bit processors, and will therefore cease the distribution of x86 bit variants of Windows 10 via OEM channels.

The bit variants of Windows 10 will remain available via non-OEM channels, and Microsoft will continue to \”[provide] feature and security updates on these devices\”. The maximum amount of RAM that Windows 10 can support varies depending on the product edition and the processor architecture. Windows 10 supports up to two physical processors.

Windows 10 received generally positive reviews, with most reviewers considering it superior to its predecessor Windows 8. The Edge browser was praised for its performance, although it was not in a feature-complete state at launch. While considering them a \”great idea in principle\”, concerns were shown for Microsoft\’s focus on the universal app ecosystem:.

It\’s by no means certain that developers are going to flock to Windows 10 from iOS and Android simply because they can convert their apps easily. It may well become a no-brainer for them, but at the moment a conscious decision is still required. Engadget was similarly positive, noting that the upgrade process was painless and that Windows 10\’s user interface had balanced aspects of Windows 8 with those of previous versions with a more mature aesthetic. Cortana\’s always-on voice detection was considered to be its \”true strength\”, also citing its query capabilities and personalization features, but noting that it was not as pre-emptive as Google Now.

Windows 10\’s stock applications were praised for being improved over their Windows 8 counterparts, and for supporting windowed modes. The Xbox app was also praised for its Xbox One streaming functionality, although recommending its use over a wired network because of inconsistent quality over Wi-Fi.

In conclusion, it was argued that \”Windows 10 delivers the most refined desktop experience ever from Microsoft, and yet it\’s so much more than that. It\’s also a decent tablet OS, and it\’s ready for a world filled with hybrid devices.

And, barring another baffling screwup, it looks like a significant step forward for mobile. Heck, it makes the Xbox One a more useful machine.

On the other hand Ars Technica panned the new Tablet mode interface for removing the charms and app switching, making the Start button harder to use by requiring users to reach for the button on the bottom-left rather than at the center of the screen when swiping with a thumb, and for making application switching less instantaneous through the use of Task View.

Microsoft Edge was praised for being \”tremendously promising\”, and \”a much better browser than Internet Explorer ever was\”, but criticized it for its lack of functionality on-launch. In conclusion, contrasting Windows 8 as being a \”reliable\” platform albeit consisting of unfinished concepts, Windows 10 was considered \”the best Windows yet\”, and was praised for having a better overall concept in its ability to be \”comfortable and effective\” across a wide array of form factors, but that it was buggier than previous versions of Windows were on-launch.

Critics have noted that Windows 10 heavily emphasizes freemium services, and contains various advertising facilities. Some outlets have considered these to be a hidden \”cost\” of the free upgrade offer. Due to the high system requirements of its Windows 10\’s successor Windows 11 , some critics have cited Windows 10 being better than its successor and have warned not to switch to Windows 11 given its high system requirement despite very limited new features compared to Windows Up to August , Windows 10 usage was increasing, with it then plateauing , [] while eventually in , it became more popular than Windows 7 [] [] though Windows 7 was still more used in some countries in Asia and Africa in As of March [update] , the operating system is running on over a billion devices, reaching the goal set by Microsoft two years after the initial deadline.

Twenty-four hours after it was released, Microsoft announced that over 14 million devices were running Windows According to StatCounter, Windows 10 overtook Windows 8. For one week in late November , Windows 10 overtook first rank from Windows 7 in the United States, before losing it again. In mid-January , Windows 10 had a slightly higher global market share than Windows 7, [] with it noticeably more popular on weekends, [] while popularity varies widely by region, e.

Windows 10 was then still behind in Africa [] and far ahead in some other regions e. Windows 10 Home is permanently set to download all updates automatically, including cumulative updates, security patches, and drivers, and users cannot individually select updates to install or not.

Concerns were raised that because of these changes, users would be unable to skip the automatic installation of updates that are faulty or cause issues with certain system configurations—although build upgrades will also be subject to public beta testing via Windows Insider program. An example of such a situation occurred prior to the general release of the operating system, when an Nvidia graphics card driver that was automatically pushed to Windows 10 users via Windows Update caused issues that prevented the use of certain functions, or prevented their system from booting at all.

Criticism was also directed towards Microsoft\’s decision to no longer provide specific details on the contents of cumulative updates for Windows Some users reported that during the installation of the November upgrade, some applications particularly utility programs such as CPU-Z and Speccy were automatically uninstalled during the upgrade process, and some default programs were reset to Microsoft-specified defaults such as Photos app, and Microsoft Edge for PDF viewing , both without warning.

Further issues were discovered upon the launch of the Anniversary Update \”Redstone\” , including a bug that caused some devices to freeze but addressed by cumulative update KB, released on August 31, , [] [] and that fundamental changes to how Windows handles webcams had caused many to stop working. A Gartner analyst felt that Windows 10 Pro was becoming increasingly inappropriate for use in enterprise environments because of support policy changes by Microsoft, including consumer-oriented upgrade lifecycle length, and only offering extended support for individual builds to Enterprise and Education editions of Windows Critics have acknowledged that Microsoft\’s update and testing practices had been affecting the overall quality of Windows In particular, it was pointed out that Microsoft\’s internal testing departments had been prominently affected by a major round of layoffs undertaken by the company in Microsoft relies primarily on user testing and bug reports via the Windows Insider program which may not always be of sufficient quality to identify a bug , as well as correspondence with OEMs and other stakeholders.

In the wake of the known folder redirection data loss bug in the version , it was pointed out that bug reports describing the issue had been present on the Feedback Hub app for several months prior to the public release. Following the incident, Microsoft updated Feedback Hub so that users may specify the severity of a particular bug report. When announcing the resumption of \’s rollout, Microsoft stated that it planned to be more transparent in its handling of update quality in the future, through a series of blog posts that will detail its testing process and the planned development of a \”dashboard\” that will indicate the rollout progress of future updates.

Microsoft was criticized for the tactics that it used to promote its free upgrade campaign for Windows 10, including adware -like behaviors, [] using deceptive user interfaces to coax users into installing the operating system, [] [] [] [] downloading installation files without user consent, [] [] and making it difficult for users to suppress the advertising and notifications if they did not wish to upgrade to In September , it was reported that Microsoft was triggering automatic downloads of Windows 10 installation files on all compatible Windows 7 or 8.

Microsoft officially confirmed the change, claiming it was \”an industry practice that reduces the time for installation and ensures device readiness. Other critics argued that Microsoft should not have triggered any downloading of Windows 10 installation files without user consent. In October , Windows 10 began to appear as an \”Optional\” update on the Windows Update interface, but pre-selected for installation on some systems.

A Microsoft spokesperson said that this was a mistake, and that the download would no longer be pre-selected by default. In March , some users also alleged that their Windows 7 and 8. It was concluded that these users may have unknowingly clicked the \”Accept\” prompt without full knowledge that this would begin the upgrade. On January 21, , Microsoft was sued in small claims court by a user whose computer had attempted to upgrade to Windows 10 without her consent shortly after the release of the operating system.

The upgrade failed, and her computer was left in a broken state thereafter, which disrupted the ability to run her travel agency. However, in May , Microsoft dropped the appeal and chose to pay the damages. Shortly after the suit was reported on by the Seattle Times , Microsoft confirmed it was updating the GWX software once again to add more explicit options for opting out of a free Windows 10 upgrade; [] [] [] the final notification was a full-screen pop-up window notifying users of the impending end of the free upgrade offer, and contained \”Remind me later\”, \”Do not notify me again\” and \”Notify me three more times\” as options.

In March , Microsoft announced that it would display notifications informing users on Windows 7 devices of the upcoming end of extended support for the platform, and direct users to a website urging them to upgrade to Windows 10 or purchase new hardware.

This dialog will be similar to the previous Windows 10 upgrade prompts, but will not explicitly mention Windows Privacy advocates and other critics have expressed concern regarding Windows 10\’s privacy policies and its collection and use of customer data.

Users can opt out from most of this data collection, [] [] but telemetry data for error reporting and usage is also sent to Microsoft, and this cannot be disabled on non-Enterprise editions of Windows Rock Paper Shotgun writer Alec Meer argued that Microsoft\’s intent for this data collection lacked transparency, stating that \”there is no world in which 45 pages of policy documents and opt-out settings split across 13 different settings screens and an external website constitutes \’real transparency\’.

The Russian government had passed a federal law requiring all online services to store the data of Russian users on servers within the country by September or be blocked. But Microsoft is held to a different standard than other companies\”. The Microsoft Services agreement reads that the company\’s online services may automatically \”download software updates or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices.

In September , Microsoft hid the option to create a local account during a fresh installation if a PC is connected to the internet. This move was criticized by users who did not want to use an online Microsoft account. In late-July , Windows Defender began to classify modifications of the hosts file that block Microsoft telemetry servers as being a severe security risk.

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February 13, Retrieved March 18, It occurred when one account wasn\’t correctly linked into an Excel spreadsheet. Twenty-five thousand acres seems like a lot of property for the county tax assessor\’s office to have overlooked last summer. And this wasn\’t just any land. Fortunately, the oversight was spotted in time and corrected. County Assessor-Recorder Jim Fitch blamed the mistake on a clerical error by an experienced staffer who used the wrong spreadsheet to calculate Occidental Petroleum Corp.

In a recent audit by the Government Accountability Office, they noted the following: \”As we have reported in prior audits, SEC\’s general ledger system and certain software applications and configurations are not designed to provide the accurate, complete, and timely transaction-level data needed to accumulate and readily report reliable financial information.

Instead, the initiation and recording of significant transactions is accomplished through the use of spreadsheets, databases, manual workarounds, and data handling that rely on significant analysis, reconciliation, and review to calculate amounts for the general ledger posting of transactions.

Although the EPA still lists the company as a high-priority violator, there never was a physical violation and the entire episode was sparked by a math error, said Steve Regis, vice president of engineering for CalPortland, Arizona Portland\’s parent company.

We are in compliance. We were always in compliance,\” Regis said. Thursday, Ortiz ultimately agreed with Gessler that the state database showed 1, inactive ballots were returned in Pueblo County. Ortiz blamed simple counting errors in his office for his inaccurate number. The state computer data is cumbersome to read, so Ortiz\’s office converted its display to a different form of spreadsheet.

That\’s where the counting error occurred, the clerk said. Anytime there is a dispute over tallying votes, it always raises suspicions about possible voter fraud. She said a figure went missing as staff managed \”monstrous spreadsheets. People are human and they do make mistakes, but I hate it. An accounting error yesterday forced outsourcing specialist Mouchel into a major profits warning and sparked the resignation of its chief executive.

It told the company on Wednesday that a spreadsheet error meant a pension fund deficit had been wrongly valued. During the course of the examination, auditors noted several instances of accounting errors and apparent lax accounting controls and oversight.

The specific instances involved errors in a spreadsheet allocating labor costs to projects, significant accounting entries made without proper review or documentation, and errors in the rate setting model. SD1 calculated the labor costs to be charged to a particular project using an Excel spreadsheet containing a formula which multiplied the hours by the applicable rates.

The formula was in error resulting in projects being charged excessive labor costs. Betts, ….. MI5 wrongly collected subscriber data on telephone numbers as a result of a software error, according to interception of communications commissioner Sir Paul Kennedy\’s annual report. A spreadsheet formatting error caused the service to apply for data on the identity of telephone numbers ending in , rather than the actual last three digits.

Turns out that was a sloppy mistake. According to this translated article from e However, in a letter to Welsh health minister Lesley Griffiths, Mr Appleby retracted the figure, writing:. I am writing to let you know of a correction to the article. It should have stated that this is over three years. This was corrected on the BMJ web site.

The correct figure is The BMJ will publish a correction to my article but I also wanted to set the record straight with you and apologise for any confusion this has caused. Morgantown City Clerk Linda Little said a computer error led to a discrepancy in vote totals for council candidate George Papandreas. The candidate — who was defeated by incumbent Ron Bane — actually received 99 more votes than was originally indicated in the total listed on the city\’s unofficial results.

Papandreas said he had no issue with the error. The city clerk\’s office had originally reported Papandreas, a 1st Ward candidate, received votes in the city\’s election. The report, a spreadsheet which included vote totals for each of the city\’s 17 precincts, was given to The Dominion Post Wednesday.

Little said election officials had put the total number of votes for each precinct into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The computer program skipped over an entry when it added the totals, she said. The settlement with AXA Rosenberg Group announced by the Securities and Exchange Commission is among the largest for the agency and is the first of its kind. The SEC said senior managers at two AXA Rosenberg affiliates knew about an error in the code for the quantitative investment model used to manage clients\’ assets.

The agency says the error disabled a key element of the model for managing risk. AXA Rosenberg, neither admitted nor denied wrongdoing in settling the case but did agree to refrain from future violations of the securities laws. The SEC said the error came into the computer model in April The firm did its own investigation and told SEC examiners about the error in March The firm\’s clients were informed on April The firm also agreed to hire an independent consultant in quantitative investment techniques to review its disclosures.

The firm noted that it has made significant changes in recent months in its organization, named new executives to several top positions and put in additional measures to control risks.

During the preparation of that tax return we, with the support of our tax advisors, identified certain issues that caused us to re-evaluate the application of the relevant provisions of the IRC relating to the financial restructuring activities.

Consequently, we determined that a manual input error to a spreadsheet used in the tax calculations relating to the tax impact of our financial restructuring activities had been made and that certain applications of the relevant provisions of the IRC were incorrect.

As a result, the reduction in various tax attributes resulting from the CODI we recognized in was understated. This adjustment did not, however, result in any additional tax liability payable by us to tax authorities in respect of or earlier periods. The clanger was discovered by Denbighshire County Council staff just before its annual audit.

In a report considered by the authority\’s corporate governance committee on Monday September 27 the head of finance and assets Roger Parry said the audit was virtually complete but a revised set of accounts had been prepared.

The head of the town\’s electrical utility is the subject of serious accusations of mismanagement and stonewalling information on a nearly 20 percent increase in the cost of the kV transmission substation the BMLD has fought long to bring online….

A vigilant reader, who combed through the backup of today\’s Consumer Credit G. The original, Fed-hosted excel file with the backing data of the actual G. These are identical and very much wrong! So, dear Fed auditors, while you obviously are very highly overpaid for your error-proofing work, can you please tell us what the real Consumer Credit number for November is?

Bidders received a spreadsheet with two columns and were to fill in the first one, while the second was filled in automatically. However, 25 of the 28 bidders misunderstood the spreadsheet and manually filled in the second column. The directorate must evaluate the bids again.

The county has offered employees monthly stipends in exchange for retiring early as a way to reduce personnel expenses. However, officials say a miscalculation caused them to offer 42 employees more money than intended.

Questions about precisely how the stipends were miscalculated and who was to blame remain unanswered. Suyes declined to say whether the employee who made the error was fired. The North American Mission Board has informed the Great Commission Task Force that data it provided last summer regarding the geographic distribution of missionaries in North America contained a significant error.

The NAMB error resulted in incorrect data being published…. Both states have two, independently operated state Baptist conventions with which Southern Baptists are affiliated. The data spreadsheet used listed each of those state conventions with their individual subtotals and also an overall total from the state. Both the subtotals and the totals from those states were added when the overall missionary count was computed, leading to a double-count for the two states.

I wrote the check, and forgot about ISTA. What the hell was going on? Either the company was trying to extort money from me or somebody had made an accounting error. I looked more closely at the bill, which had three columns: previous usage, current usage, and usage. The difference between the first two columns was exactly The value in the third column was 10, Maybe there was some rate that just happened to be 10, and I had just kept my apartment and showers really warm this winter.

They immediately escalated it to their dispute manager, who called me back after a few days. What happened to the rates?